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Pitti Filati S/S 23


Freedom, quality and necessity are the three main themes of Pitti Filati S/S 23. The title DUAL refers to the duality present in each theme, in terms of material, colour and concept.



From the left: 1. Gauge 14, Heaven, Dianalux, Itaca – E. Miroglio, 2. New Mill, 3. Isy by Torcitura Domaso.


TANDEM is the theme dedicated to freedom of movement, featuring lightness and flexibility. The designs will be a balance between innovation and tradition, leading to visual experimentation between stitches, prints and workmanship.



From the left: 1. Isy by Torcitura Domaso, 2. Gauge 12, Pima Lux, knit Maglificio Feel Blue.


KARAT focuses on quality and value, where metals assume great importance. Metals such as gold and iron, are associated with the ancient world and myth. The theme has a luminous and sophisticated feel, particularly suitable for special and festive occasions.



From the left: 1. 4. Accademia, 2. 3. Miroglio, 5. 6. Lanificio Dell’Olivo, 7. Iafil.


NECESSITY is a minimalist theme, which wants to shed light on what we really need. The essentiality of this theme does not sacrifice fantasy, keeping an eccentric flair.



From the left: 1. Gauge 12, 7, 5, Rosanna, Kirigami – Igea, Knit Igea, 2. Gauge 12, 7, Athena – Igea, Knit Igea.


Here you can find more information about the exhibition.

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